About us

In 2015, the American Miniature Horses conquered our hearts and a short time later, after thorough research, six mares and one stallion moved in with us.

In order to start our breeding program with the broadest possible gene pool, we acquired Miniature Horses in Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
These seven American Miniature Horses formed the cornerstones of our breeding program in northern Germany.

A species-appropriate attitude of our Miniature Horses in a herd with close contact to people and our other animals is a matter of course..

Our knowledgeable vet takes care of our Miniature Horses in all matters (vaccinations, worming, dental checks, etc.) and our farrier also regularly and competently takes care of the hooves of our horses.
Both enjoy our esteem and trust.

Our miniature horses are all DNA tested and registered with the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) and some with the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR).

The physical and mental health of our Royal Renegades has top priority and so it is our purpose to breed friendly, healthy, strong and harmonious Miniature Horses that will give us and their future owners many years of pleasure.